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WYLLYWYLL, the Lyrical Rap-R&B master has been performing since an early age. Son of a Baptist preacher he started his musical journey singing before the congregation in church in Atlanta, Georgia. After moving to Germany he has been performing with 3rd Wish, The Captain Hollywood Project.

Peter Koczak alias Mongoose has his material released with multiple record labels and is an established Glitch Hop artist from Budapest, Hungary. He has collaborated with, among many other artist, Dub FX. Peter joined with Ivan in Germany to produce SUGARPUNCH in 2014.

Ivan Beres, multi-instrumentalist, started producing music in the early 2000s. After moving to Germany in 2009 he joined the Captain Hollywood Project on keyboards, guitars and as programmer where he met WYLLYWYLL. He owns a studio with Peter where they produce new material for SUGARPUNCH in his home in Wuppertal, Germany.