Marvin Broadie

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As a five-year-old, Marvin Broadie started to sing, performing for different choirs and bands.
At the age of 18, he joined the American Air Force and worked as a vocal coach for several years.
Then he moved to London/UK , having many appearances as “session singer” in Europe and collaborating with lots of well-known artists.
He sang the backing vocals for international SMASH HITS, e.g.:
“What is love” from HADDAWAY

Then he got a record deal with COCONUT records / SONY BMG and published 3 commercial albums and 8 singles as the lead singer of the band “THE SOULTANS”. Further recordings and releases in Europe, Asia and Canada followed.
Marvin Broadie hit the International charts with songs like:

“I can’t take my hands off you”
“Heard it through the Grapevine”
“Every little move”
and the album:
“Love, sweat & tears”

As a co-writter, he produced many songs for his band.
They went on tour and had many public appearances on TV and radio stations.
In 2003, he recorded the song “Don’t Push” with the German dance project Sash!.
In 2006, he made a duet with Gracia Baur as Xantoo and released the mostly played Christmas song of 2006:
“Cos I Believe”

In 2008, he will release his first solo song “Skokiaan”, wich is produced by
The second single will be “Over the rainbow” and his first solo album is in process.